To help, text "Fulton" to 44321

To help, text "Fulton" to 44321

To help, text "Fulton" to 44321To help, text "Fulton" to 44321To help, text "Fulton" to 44321

in support of needy students and their families during these unprecedented times

COVID19 Community Response

Please consider supporting the 1313 homeless children, the 127 kids in foster care, and the 325 young students living in motels, all students of Fulton County Schools. The Fulton Education Foundation is focusing on food security, keeping folks in their lodging, transportation, and internet connectivity for these, our neediest children. Gifts can be made by texting "Fulton" to 44321, or through the link below. Thank you for your consideration, and stay well, Graham 


Foundation Bedrock


The Foundation Vision

 The Fulton Education Foundation believes that strong schools are the bedrock of thriving communities. Education creates pathways to healthy and productive lives. A natural partnership exists between school children and everyone within a school community, including parents, alumni, and local businesses. The Foundation works to enhance opportunities for all school-aged children in Fulton County, which in turn improves our surrounding communities. The Foundation invites everyone to join us in this partnership as we strive to make Fulton County a model of community support of our public schools. 


The Foundation Mission

 The Fulton Education Foundation mission is to engage all of Fulton County in a positive partnership that enhances opportunities and educational outcomes for our school-aged children. 


The Foundation Core Beliefs

  • Value of Public Education: We believe that quality public education is a primary determinant of healthy and resilient communities.
  • Multiple Pathways: We believe in improving the availability of a wide variety of postsecondary and career pathways.
  • Excellence for All: We believe communities improve when everyone has access to a high-quality education and enrichment activities.
  • Innovation: We believe in developing innovative partnerships that address current educational needs.
  • Continuous Improvement: We believe in vigorously evaluating program efficacy, and continuously improving programs to maximize benefits for school children.

Help Build The Foundation

We view strong public schools as The Foundation of vibrant communities. Your support enhances opportunities for the children of Fulton County.

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