Principal, Teacher and Staff Recognition

Legacy of Excellence Awards/Principals, Teachers, Professionals, and Partners of the Year:


“The Legacy of Excellence Awards” are held each fall to recognize outstanding principals, teachers and school professionals from each individual school. The school system also selects the “Principal of the Year,” “Teacher of the Year” and “Professional of the Year.” The principals, teachers and professionals are nominated earlier in the year by their peers and are evaluated by a committee based on their achievements, commitment to excellence and dedication to their profession. This event is truly a celebration of educational excellence as children from various schools perform at the event, and business and community partners are recognized for their contributions to Fulton County Schools.


Retirement Dinner:

Each spring, the Foundation also contributes to the Fulton County Schools Retirement Dinner honoring the current school year’s retirees. Family members, former retirees and supporters are invited to attend. At this event, the school system and Foundation recognize the longstanding contribution of faculty and staff.



Fulton’s Finest:

The Fulton Education Foundation helps to sponsor a recognition event for our extraordinary bus drivers – Fulton’s Finest. This is the single largest annual school bus driver recognition program; quiet possibly the largest school bus driver recognition program in the state. Among the requirements to qualify for the distinction of “Fulton’s Finest,” drivers must have perfect attendance, be accident-free and have valid CPR/First Aid Certification.